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"PODGold" is the blueprint & course for creating a niche-focused POD-driven business.

This is currently PRIVATE by INVITATION ONLY. 

NOTE: You will be joining my beta 'early adopter' group - please note, membership in the beta stage is limited. If you receive an "Out of Stock" notice when trying to purchase, it means all available slots are filled. Once the initial group has their store(s) up & running, I will open it to general access.

IMPORTANT: as this is the 'beta - early adopter' group, I will be working with each member individually in addition to the webinars/videos and other course materials. We already have most of our initial group signed up, and some have already made real progress, but I can only provide the one-on-one coaching for a very limited number, so once these spots are filled, this early 'beta' offer will be closed.

You will receive an initial blueprint PDF, access to our new private Facebook group, and access to the beta website.