About 12 Step Lifestyle

12 Step Lifestyle was created to offer top products that celebrate recovery and promote a recovery lifestyle through inspiration, motivation, hope, and laughter.

My name is Michael U., and I'm the founder of 12 Step Lifestyle. My clean date is August 24th, 2004, which means I recently celebrated 19 years clean & sober this past August (2023).


Michael U.


I actually began my journey in 1989, but exactly 1 week before my 5-year anniversary, I 'picked up' and went 'back out'. It took me another 10 years to regain my footing and create a solid recovery foundation.

Along the way, I learned this essential truth: for someone with my 'condition', adopting a 12-step lifestyle is the only sustainable path forward.


My 19-year AA & NA chips.


I've also learned that this 'condition' manifests in many ways; for some, it is the obsession & compulsion to drink or drug. For others, it is the obsession & compulsion to gamble, over-eat, or engage in a host of other behaviors that turn destructive.

For me - and millions like me, maybe even you - the 'answer' is a recovery program based on the 12 Steps.

By following a twelve step program, I didn't just 'get my life back', I found a new way to live that is so much better than what I had before.

I am indebted to 'the Program'. I know my recovery is a gift from God; what I do with it is my repayment back to Him. 

And so I try to live each day following God's will for me as best as I understand it: celebrating recovery, being the best person I can be, and helping others to do the same.

I had thought long and hard before launching 12 Step Lifestyle...

My 'day job' is helping companies create & improve their businesses online. I've been doing it for many years and have learned what it takes to be a successful online retailer - namely, quality products that people want, at a fair price, plus great customer service.

As someone in recovery living a 12 step lifestyle, I've purchased plenty of t-shirts and other unique recovery gifts.

Some of my purchases I've been happy with, some not so much.

My goal with this business is to offer inspirational, funny, and motivational recovery-related designs that I don't see elsewhere, on high-quality products, and combine it with excellent customer service.

Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to drop us a line; let me know if there is something specific you'd like to see - or just say hello!

Michael U.